5 Best Ways to Remove Nose Hairs

As you seen before that the hairs are a reason to beautify our self but some of them are not. In which nose hairs win an award to be creepy as always. We forcibly trying to ignore nasal trimming session but after when they visible from our nostrils, so now we have to think about the ways to remove nose hairs.

We have to detect some incredible solution to get rid of this spooky stuff. Eventually, we don’t know which solution is better or less painful for us.

That’s why Brainy Consumer editorial staff created this guide to increase your knowledge about the variety of solutions we have.

These are top 5 ways to remove nose hairs:

1.  Tweezer

A tweezer is an inexpensive object, that helps you to pull off your hairs by applying such little force. 

Tugging nose hairs is little painful because when you’re tweezing the hair out of the follicle by the root.

This feeling will surely cause your eyes to water, but the hair is now removed from their root. So, now you don’t need to trim your hairs every week.

Tweezer is used to tugging many types of hairs but It is slightly painful for your nose hairs.

It is one of the solutions to get rid of these creepy hairs and any type of tweezer can work for your nose.

They can easily available in any cosmetics and general stores with some little inexpensive price.

There are many designs of tweezers already available on the market. Some with strengthen rubber holding grip and etc.

Tuns of design are available in your nearest shop. Choose as your specific need. It is much time consuming than any automatic trimmer because in which you have to pull out every hair separately.

You can also utilize tweezer for your eyebrows and beard hairs.

2. Electric Nose Hair Trimmers

Electronic nose hair trimmers are much reliable or pleasant solution to get rid of your nose hairs.

Now You can easily remove your nose hairs in a quick or a safe way.  There are many manual

Devices available who are same as like that but electric trimmer is more efficient and enjoyable

Just put machine’s nozzle in your nostrils and experience a fresh breath in a couple of minutes.

These electric trimmers have some sharp blades to cut it off your creepy hairs. These small blades are covered with a shield so, you’re not getting cuts in your nostrils. You can easily hold it by using your single hand.

Electric trimmers are much expensive than your tweezers but hopefully, it was invented to do specific jobs that you actually need for. Some trimmers run on AA batteries, while others are rechargeable.  

There are many trimmers revolving in the market with some black hats. Most of them are not good as their companies described. You should check it out our detailed review of best nose hair trimmers.

3. Scissors

Scissors is a traditional instrument for cutting your hairs, no matters it is of your nose or ears etc.  

Trimming your hairs by scissors is one of the effortless ways to get rid of your nasal hairs and it also removes your hairs as same as like a trimmer, means not tugging from roots.

Scissors is painless while trimming unless you poked their sharp side in your nasals. For nose trimming, there is specific rounded ends scissor are available. Always use pointless scissor for ear and nose hair trimming.

It is mandatory to use your kind of scissors for better trimming goals. Don’t use too much wide scissor because eventually, it will hurt your nostrils.

Get stainless steel material to prevent yourself from a skin infection and allergy happened because of rust.

Carefully wash your instrument before starting your trimming session and always cover your scissors with some safety pouch or a piece of cloth.

4. Wax

Nose wax is one of the best options for you if you want to remove all your hairs from the roots. This wax is quite different from your regular body wax.

As you knew our nose hairs serves a purpose, it used as an obstacle for dust and bacteria. Our nose is lined with cilia, that keeps us healthy. Nose hair wax leaves cilia behind while removing nose hairs.

As tweezing is painful, same like that waxing is also a reason for hurting. While tweezing we pull out every nose hair individually but in waxing, we remove all the hairs in one swift move.

One of the fastest method to get rid of your nose hairs. Just wait for 5 minutes after applying, and then pull out. It will just take a few minutes to clean your nose hairs.

Just remember, don’t try waxing by yourself. Contact your trusted barber for the first time because it needs some kind of professional hands.

5. Laser Hair Removal

Laser removing solution is permanent. There is no chance to grow hairs again after laser treatment. This method provides a result that lasts forever.  Most of the people using this for their eyebrows and legs.

Laser treatment is one of the highly performed solutions to remove hairs permanently. It always needs a professional to do but you can also do it at your home. Laser hair removal machines are little expensive to buy.

Laser machines burn hairs in an efficient way. While treatment, a beam light is aimed at the hair follicles and when light absorbed by it, then it will destroy the hair permanently.

It can rapidly remove nose hairs.

Just remember, there are little side effects like redness will happen after laser treatment. Nothing to worry, it will be normal after some time.

Final Words

Everyone wants to look good but these creepy hairs destroy you all affection toward others.

There are many removal solutions for your nose hairs but these 5 are best and most usable.

Pick out your best product from the above-given list. If you want my recommendation, then trimmer is the best solution from all of them.

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