7 Best Cars for Bodykits in 2020

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Car manufacturers constantly update their car models not only in terms of looks, but also of its functionality. However, while many of today’s automobiles look great, they seem to lack “something” when they come out of the showroom.

If you aren’t pleased with the look of your car, then maybe it’s about time you customize your ride.

And what better way to upgrade your car’s look than to install bodykits. These nifty aftermarket products are sure to bring out a new personality into your stock cars.

In this article, we have listed down some of the best cars for bodykit installation. Many of the cars mentioned here are also popular car models in Australia and it is likely that you own one of them.

Before we proceed with the list, we need to find out why people customize their cars.

Benefits of Installing Bodykits

Cars are considered as the second most expensive purchase a person can make next to a house. Today, cars are more than just vehicles that takes us to our destinations. For many it is an extension of themselves.

Here are some of the popular reasons why most car owners install bodykits:

  1. It can improve the overall look or appearance of their car not only to grab attention but to add their own personality to their ride.
  2. Most bodykits can better the performance of their car in terms of ride experience, performance, fuel efficiency, aerodynamics and speed.
  3. A number of bodykit parts can also help improve the security of the car. Spoilers, for example, can help the car hold onto its ground better and help improve its turns.
  4. In some cases, but not always, bodykits can contribute to the re-sale value of a car.

Now that you have several reasons to customize your car, let’s now delve into which are the best cars for bodykits this 2018. In no particular order, they are:

Ford Mustang

When you want your Ford Mustang to flex more of its muscles, you only need to equip it with the right bodykit and it becomes more buffed. The best bit about customizing about the newer Mustang, is you can go with cosmetic or performance changes and even both.

Install it with ROUSH R8 Aero Kit particularly the Rear Valance Aero Foil and you will get a race-ready Mustang bodykits that will make you itch to take it to the track. You can also mix and match individual components like rear spoilers, diffusers, scoops, etc. to get that personalized feel.

Toyota 86 / Subaru BRZ

Since its introduction in 2013, the Toyota 86 (similarly the Subaru BRZ) has made a strong presence in the Australian market. On the road, roughly almost every Toyota 86 you see has been modified to make it look more aggressive and stylish.

Many car owners prefer this sports car because of its relatively affordable price than its competitors. But don’t let the sticker price fool you, as the Toyota 86 is a fast car with a racing pedigree in its veins. Install this ride with a Rocket Bunny kit and it’s sure to become a head turner in no time. Or you can go the alternate route and fit it with a Tommy Kaira for that VIP-style look.

Volkswagen Golf Mk 7

The Volkswagen Golf has always been the everyday “hot’ hatch known for its strong sporting pretension assertions. It’s a fun, practical and affordable three-door hatch that’s got a bit of athletic persona in it. It’s minimalistic in terms of equipment, yet provides the all-roundedness of your regular five-doors.

The Golf Mk 7, therefore, is a great basic car for customization as it can be made to be more elegant, aggressive or sporty. Equipping it with an ASPEC PPV400 kit will bring out a dynamically bold look while improving its road stability.

Mazda MX-5 Miata

The Mazda MX-5 is one of the most tuned cars in the world and for good reasons. It may look like a toy because of its small frame, but its every bit as a sports car as its European counterparts. The Miata can take on any challenging course be it on a road course, an autocross and even at drift events.

And the best way to make such a huge pronouncement is prepping this ride with some sick bodykits. You can never go wrong with the Mazdaspeed bodykit with its aggressive styling and its signature smooth handling.

Honda Civic

If you are a beginner in the world of tuning, then the best car to start with your mod project is no other than the Honda Civic. It’s a pocket rocket (especially the pre-2000 ones) without having to spend a lot of cash. With a simple front end drive design, the Civic offers so many options for customization.

The Honda Civic Type R, in particular, has a jaw-dropping design that is hard to match in its segment. Not to mention the car is a former record holder Nurburgring, which tells a lot about its performance. Whether you are new into car tuning or a veteran, the Civic simply won’t disappoint your expectations.

Holden VF Commodore

It’s hard to resist not adding the beloved Holden Commodore into this list. The last batch of the Australian-made Commodores is custom-worthy that even local shops have begun offering the car’s exclusive kit.

The more popular customization of the Commodore includes a wide body kit. While it’s not as agro as the Mustang face lift, the Commodore’s wide body installation gives it more heft and dynamism. Meanwhile, it remains to be seen if the new ZB can be as successful as its predecessor. But, it’s hard to pass up on customizing the Commodore especially with all the body kits now available for it.

Toyota HiLux

There is no way that Australia’s most popular car (although technically it’s a pickup) is not getting on this list. The eight-generation HiLux is the top dog of beefy, off-road utility vehicles and there are plenty of owners that simply want to upgrade this workhorse.

Its manufacturer even released a TRD (Toyota Racing Development) kit for the HiLux to the tune of $5,000. Aside from giving it a more aggressive and bolder look, the kit also include parts that enhances its off road capabilities.

If you want some ideas on how to prep the HiLux, you can check out the Tonka HiLux Concept for some inspiration.

The cars listed above are just few of the car models that totally deserve a body kit as it can bring out the best out of that vehicle. Customizing your ride may require some extra cash, but it’s all worth it once you know that you have a unique car that reflects your personality.

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