The Best Garage Door Openers (Review & Buying Guide) 2018

Most of the times we have to upgrade and adopt some new modern garage door opener and will save the hassle to close and open the door. Try Best Garage Door Openers and save your time and effort.

New modern ages garages door opener have many features like wifi remotes, giant powerful motors and they are safe too.

According to my recommendation, Chamberlain WD962KEV is the best garage door opener with incredible features like smartphone control, quiet belt drive, battery backup and many many more.

Now you can easily install by yourself if you have some small technical skills that I will explain later in this post.

Otherwise there are many professional garage door opener installers that will charge you some bucks for the installation.

Best Garage Door Openers 2018

Chamberlain WD962KEVBelt DriveCheck Price
Chamberlain WD1000WFBelt DriveCheck Price
8500 LiftMasterJackshaftCheck Price
Chamberlain PD510Chain DriveCheck Price
Genie PowerLift 2562-TCScrew DriveCheck Price

As I featured, Chamberlain are best garage opener brands because they also product liftmaster and craftsman garage door openers. Consumer have great reviews after using these both garage door openers.

Here I want to include a biggest feature that you should consider before buying garage door opener is their quietness. Mostly belt driven garage door opener are quietest and with some greatest horsepowers.

You can also connect smart door openers with your phone using WiFi and do as you want. Here I want to show you a list of best garage door openers that I researched on internet.

1. Best Belt Driven Garage Door Opener – Chamberlain WD962KEV

Chamberlain WD962KEV is one of the best garage door opener because its of its belt driven with 3/4 horsepower, also wifi enabled.Best Belt Driven Garage Door Opener

Chamberlain comes with lifetime warranty for the motor and the belt too. Included 5 years for the parts and 1 year for the accessories.

Now Chamberlain WD962KEV have built-in battery for emergency and also have MYQ Smartphone Control Technology.

This MYQ make garage door opener compatible for both Android and IOS devices.

There is no vibration and noises because of its steel reinforced belt, because it’s common in most of the garage door openers. Also have timer feature in case your forget to close the garage door.

If we combines all the things together then Chamberlain WD962KEV is one of the best garage door opener in the whole US market.

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2. Best Quietest Garage Door Opener – Chamberlain WD1000WF

Chamberlain is the best brand for garage door opener, to show some reality in my words – Here I want to feature another Chamberlain WD1000WF that is much cheaper in price.Best Quietest Garage Door Opener

Offers 1.25 horsepower with tremendous belt driver system that make it one of the quietest garage door opener.

You can use Chamberlain Wd1000WF with 8 ft or 10 ft garage doors with LCD screen for time, temperature and etc.

It is less featured as compare to Chamberlain WD962KEV, but it also have some quality features and best to work with heavy garage doors with quietest belt driven system.

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3. Best Garage Door Opener for Residential Garages – 8500 LiftMaster Side

8500 Liftmaster Side Garage Door Opener is also a quietest opener with 24 DC motor for the Jackshaft. Actually it’s a wall mounted garage door opener, easier to install because there is no need of rails to hang.Best Garage Door Opener for Residential Garages

Its is programmed for safety features that its doesn’t close the garage door when the car is passing away because of its MyQ Controls features.

Also have timer for automatically close when you forgot and when there is no car passing by.

Better to use 8500 Liftmaster in residential garages because of its highly tested security features. It’s also have a magical feature of sending alert E-mail and SMS about the status of the garage door.

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4. Best Cheap Garage Door Opener – Chamberlain PD510

If you really want to use Chamberlain but don’t have budget to buy the expensive one, then PD510 Chain Driven garage door is just made for you. There is no comparison between other expensive products of Chamberlain but PD510 also have their own class and reputation.Best Cheap Garage Door Opener

Contain about 1/2 horsepower motor ability from the chain driver operation, a better to prove a reputable product in the chain driven garage door industry.

Also blessed with 6 years warranty for the motor and 1 year for the other parts and chain too.

PD510 also have wireless control system that is easy to install by a professional or by your ownself.

If you really need a cheap Chamberlain chain driven garage door opener then PD510 is just an ideal choice for you.

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5. Best Screw Belt Garage Door Opener – Genie PowerLift Screw 2562-TC

If you really need a value of money garage door opener with 15 years motor warranty then Genie Powerlift is just manufactured for you, a better cheap door opener with screw driver system.Best Screw Belt Garage Door Opener

Best to use for the car with less than 8 feets height, its remote control feature is tremendous to use.

Genie Powerlift motor provides 1/2 horsepower, better to use with heavy duty garage doors. Its remote control feature is very simple, just have 3 button for simple operations.

There is no need of maintenance because of its screw driven technology but it makes a little louder noise then belt driver system garage door openers. If you really need a best and cheap screw drive garage door opener then Genie Powerlift is a best choice for you.

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Best Garage Door Opener Buying Guide

In this buying guide, I’m trying to describe 4 types of garage openers that helps you to identify the garage openers and assist you in finding according to your need.

There are many important things you have to consider before buying any garage door openers in which safety, security and ease of use are included.

Yu bought garage door opener, but now you have to install it. I will describe a complete in detail explanation of installation below. Otherwise call a professional for proper installation.

Types of Garage Door Opener Motors

There are mostly 4 types of garage door openers motors that assist garage door to lift before and after the car passing by. In this types of motors, I will describe each and every motor types with details and explanations.

Chain Driven

Chain Driver motor style is too common, oldest  and cheapest. In which manufacturer use chain for closing and opening the door. It is reliable but noisy too. Better to don’t use when you’re is near with bedroom and study room or you have small children who need necessary nap.

Belt Driven

Belt Driven motors use rubber belt for quittest work and they are reliable and flexible too. Much more quiet than chain driven motors but less in reliability. Belt driven motor garage door openers are expensive too as compare to chain drive garage door openers.

Screw Driven

In screw drive motor there’s no use of belt or chain. It which their is a steel screw that move the trolly along with its track and it will assist to close and open the garage door. Their is less part in Screw driven motor garage openers, means more reliability and less maintenance. Little noisy but markets have also quittest screw driven motor garage door openers. Better to lift heavy duty garage doors.

Direct Driven

Direct drive motor garage door openers are newest in the market. It is quietest ones and turn the garage door opener setup on its head. It has their own motor that move the stationery track with the door. Direct drive system have long lasting life  because it just rely on one moving part. Direct driven motors comes with newest garage door openers, that’s why they are expensive too.

Features To Look Before Buying Garage Door Openers

There are few things that you have to consider before buying garage door openers. Actually just a 3 things that I describe below. Please stay, I wrote it just because of you.


Garage door are much heavy things in the garage and your car passing by underneath then you should see some safety features before buying garage door opener.

Check the beam light of the door openers, if light interrupted in flowing then garage door automatically open.

Some door openers have sensors, when we touch the garage door then it will open or when we move the car near to the garage door. Better to check their system efficiency before parking your car in the garage.


Every garage have tool chest that contain many expensive tools that cost thousands of dollars.

New modern age garage door openers have more security and advanced features to keep your garage door more secure and efficient.

These system prevents from electronically recording the remote code when you left and out of area.

Even some door openers have also vacations mode to switch off the garage door when you’re out of town.

Ease of Use

Now you can also access your garage door opener by using your smartphone without any effort. Also have a facility to use smartphone as a remote control too.

You can save your car and every family member needs your permission before opening garage door.

Also some garage door openers have feature of Homelink and Car2U, a better and advanced remote system for new age garage door openers.

How To Install Garage Door Opener

Garage door is much heavy, mostly you need professional for better installation of garage door opener because its too risky, need to be experienced and qualified.

If you don’t know about the installation of garage door opener and don’t see anyone before, better to call professionals for installation. But if you know about the installation then it’s not a problem anymore.

If you’re replacing old garage door opener or just to modify the mounting brackets from the old system then your installation will not take that much time.

If you just buy new garage door opener then you have to anchored a mounting bracket with the wall, better to check about the strengths of the ceiling.

Check the garage door opener strength after placing an opener with the door, without using any motor.

If you find any problem in the garage door opening, better to find the professional and tell them to install the garage door opener in a right way.

Safety and Security Considerations

Better to buy garage door opener that will be secure and safe for many ages. Better to put you needs in front before buying any garage door opener, if you don’t need a smartphone app feature then don’t buy expensive door openers.

Like if your garage door is very heavy then you should buy a garage door with chain driven system.

Because if you’re using a wrong door opener with your garage door then it will damage your car and your garage door too, both are highly expensive to replace and repair.


In this post I listed a best garage door openers for your garage door, that will decrease your effort of door opening and will overcome your most frustrated problems.

There are four types of motors that are used in garage door openers. Chain driven, Belt driven, Screw driven and direct driven. All of them have their own pros and cons that I featured above.

There are many things that you have to consider before buying best garage door openers like security of garage door, safety of garage and their ease of use.

If you really know about the installation process of garage door opener then do it by your ownself, Otherwise call a professional and pay some bucks for better installation.

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