Best Garage Floor Paint (Review & Buying Guide) 2018

At that time you have LEDs and tool chest for your garage to organize all the tools. Now you’re missing some important thing like Best Garage Floor Paint.

Garage looks so incomplete without floor paint, your garage will look cool after the investment for garage floor color. Most of the mechanics also match garage floor color with the theme.

If you really want to increase the life of the garage then floor color is the best move for you. Garage looks pretty good when they have an exciting color on the floor.

In this best list and buyer guide, I will tell you the best garage floor paints that are available in the market.

Best Rated Garage Floor Paint 2018

Rust-Oleum 238467Epoxy200 Square FeetCheck Price
KILZ L377611Epoxy/Acrylic400 Square FeetCheck Price
Valspar 81052 KitEpoxy300 Square FeetCheck Price
SUPERCOATEpoxy300 Square FeetCheck Price
United Gilsonite LabLatex500 Square FeetCheck Price

There are many garage owners who always use Epoxy paints for their garage floor because Epoxy is heat resistance. There are many things in the garage that releases heat. Like tires, welding guns etc.

Nowadays applying paint to the floor is not a difficult task, by just using roller you can easily apply paints on the floor.

Every mechanics have their own preference in choosing paints for their garage floors.

I researched on the internet to find the best floor paints for your garage. All of the colors have their own pros and cons, find the best one with respect to your needs.

1. Rust-Oleum 238467 Professional Floor Coating Kit

Rust-Oleum is one of the best floor coat in our list. Actually it’s not a paint. This coating is called epoxy formula with some grey finish. I will explain later the difference between simple floor paint or epoxy floor covering. Epoxy is very touchy and very garage floor paint

You can also use it as an additional component with the paint. It can protect from oil spills and gasoline – No worries from heated tires.

Epoxy formula is cracking and peeling resistance. It is also available with the complete kit. You just need a brush and paint roller to complete a task.

Its semi gloss finish is attractive but you can also add some chips for more stunning floor look of you garage. It is expensive but purely a value of money product. Its a long term investment for your garage floor and also a heat resistance.

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2. KILZ L377611 1-Part Epoxy Acrylic Paint

KILZ L377611 1-Part is a little different garage floor paint. Firs you have to know what 1- Part means. It means that its a simple paint but also have some attributes of garage floor paint

It one of the most best selling and easy to apply garage floor paint because you can apply it like a simple floor paint. Also have some toughness of Epoxy. Not too much sticky like a 2-Part.

It’s better to use with home garages, if you’re a professional mechanic and has to apply on the professional garage then better to try with 2 coats.

By applying 1-Part Epoxy your garage get a far shiner finish that looks stunning instead of 2-Part just product a semi-gloss look.

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3. Valspar (81052) Premium Clear Epoxy Kit

Valspar is 2nd coat for your floor. When you use Epoxy product and you need extra layer of diamond finishing and protection, better to use Valspar to achieve your desirable garage floor paint

You cannot use this paint as a stand alone, because it is not capable to bond with cement directly. If you applied epoxy and want to extend the life span then Valspar is a perfect choice for you.

The advanced bonding technology of Valspar formula can protect the primary paint very well.

Not just protect the chemical but physical wear and tear too.

If you already applied epoxy or any paint on your garage floor but not satisfied and want more shine and protection. Then Valspar is just made for you, better to buy it as soon as possible.

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4. Supercoat Epoxy Garage Floor Coating

Actually Supercoat epoxy paint is a breathable technology, It can easily apply without any itching or preparation. It doesn’t look like an alternative because this paint is breathable that allow moisture to pass through. There is no presence of peeling and garage floor paint

Supercoat is available in four colors that includes an ivory, slate grey, firebrick and sandstone. You can apply one bucket on the whole 300 square feet garage floor. Yes I know it’s expensive but worth it.

Supercoat is expensive because of their best quality in the market, Its breathable features is just like a blessing because its is rare and they charge extra money for that. It’s actually a value of money and professional mechanic mostly trust on Supercoat Epoxy.

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5. United Gilsonite LAB 21413 Drylok

If you’re finding an alternative for the epoxy then United Gilsonite is just made for you. If your garage floor have cracks then United Gilsonite also filled the gaps and easily applied on 500 square garage floor paint

If you have concrete garage floor then its an ideal for you, crack basement or anywhere you can apply United Gilsonite.

Its a technology of hot tire resistance with non-slip finishing and United Gilston is also fast drying but, but you may weight for 3-4 days at least for better results.

It is one of the best latex paint for your garage floor, but if you have industrial garage then try other ones that I featured above.

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Best Garage Floor Paint Buying Guide

There are many floor paints available in the market but its not possible for you to use each other and find the best one. That’s why we are here for you to research on the internet and find the best one from the top notch websites.

Most of the product are expensive but they are not worth or not a value of money. But you’re not here to compromise and just to find the best paint for garage floor. After founded the best floor paint for your garage check our buyer guide. It will surely give you some value and benefits.

best garage floor paint buying guide

Things To Consider Before Buying Garage Floor Paint

There are some things that you have to consider before buying any paint for your garage. All of the things that mentioned in most of the trending websites, I am trying to mentioned here in simple and understable words.

Floor Area

In this article I mentioned about that how much area one gallon of floor paint covered. (Check the list of best garage floor paint above to know about coverage). For your kind information the covered areas that company mentioned are just for one coat.

Heat Resistance

Better to find the paint that are heat resistance because when we park our vehicle in the garage after hot day then its hot tires will damage the floor paint if they are not heat resistance. After some time you floor have some patches where car mostly parked.


Most of the mechanics are very excited about their garage looks after floor paint. If you’re going to apply Epoxy paint then it will appears some grey when dried. If you need some colors then use some additive color splash as per your need


Toughness in terms of finishing. There are many product in the market that are good in finishing but we are not going to buy any paint just for finishing purposes. Like if you’re going to use 2-part epoxy then it will become more tough than any other garage floor paint but expensive too.

Make it easy like, if you have big heavy duty trucks then use tough garage floor paint otherwise toughness should not be your main consideration.

Chemical Toughness

You paint should be chemical resistance because their is a big difference between physical and chemical resistance. Like your garage paint are good in physical resistance if they are not affected because of hot tires.

Sometimes oil additive, injector cleaner or any chemical things that fall on the floor then it shouldn’t be reacted and also stain proof.

Benefits of Painting Garage Floor

There are some benefits that you will achieve after painting your garage floor.

Prevent From Dust

Just for an example like your garage floor are concrete and dusty too. And when you’re applying some paint then its dust will flow away and if you have home garage then that dust will flow in your home too.

Floor Protection

Most of the times vehicle leaks and fall some black grease, oils and many stuffs that leave the stain of the floor. If they are not painted then their stain will absorb in the floor and will not remove forever. Better to use paint that are stain proof.

things to consider before buying garage floor paints

Types Of Garage Floor Paints

There are three main types of garage floor paints that are available in the market.

Standard paint

Standart paint is very simple and latex acrylic style of paint which is very cheap and also available in many colors. But they are not recommended to use with garage floor because they don’t have any toughness. Better to don’t use it with your garage floor because this paint will surely turn into regret.

Epoxy Paints

It is the middle stage of the color that have both qualities of standard and 2-part epoxy paints. They are more tougher than standard paints because they have epoxy in it. Also low in cost and available in many color ranges and easy to apply too.

2-Part Epoxy Paints

Its a mixture of epoxy resin and polyamine hardener. Its is called 2-part epoxy because of its toughness and long lasting finish. Its resin give them some color but not like standard paints.

Best Garage Floor Paint – Conclusion

Before buying any garage floor paint you have to look about your need and preferences.

If you’re going to buy 1-Part Epoxy then you’re going to get some toughness and some finishing. They are also cheap and available in different colors range.

But If you’re going to buy 2-Part Epoxy then they are more tougher then 1-part and don’t have any color ranges in the market or little expensive too then standard and 1-Part epoxy.

There are many things you have to consider before buying any garage floor paint. All of the covered area that promised are just depended on single coats.

You can also protect you floor and remove the dust by using best garage floor paints.

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