Best Garage Lighting Ideas 2018

When we have all the tools that complete our car maintenance. But one things here we missed out and that is best garage lighting.

Too see all the nuts and bolts, we need some LEDs for better lighting experience.

According to my recommendation Hyperikon LED Pull Chain Light are best for garage lighting which offers 45,000 hours of operation.

Fluorescent lights are not used by new modern garage mechanics because they don’t have longer life, brightness.

That’s why new garage mechanics use LED garage lights to reduce bills and brighter lights.

Best LED Garage Lights

NameTotal Life (Hours)LumensPrice
Hyperikon LED45,0004,000Check Price
Luceco 360040,0003,600Check Price
Sunco Lighting50,0004,100Check Price
PrimeLights 4 Bulb50,00011,400Check Price
Hyperikon High Bay45,00014,000Check Price

Whenever you’re going to buy garage lights, then there are two type of lights that are used in garage. The first one is fluorescent and second one is LED lights.

If we compare LED with Fluorescent lights then LED lights are more brighter, more long lasting and less energy consuming. There are many types and designs of LED lights are available in the market that is suitable for garages.

Most of the homes garage owners use normal lights but, now the time change and owners upgraded from fluorescent to LED lights for better brightness, longer life and less bills.

There are two things we have to figure it out before buying LED garage lights, one is Lumens and the seconds is their life span. Here I’m listing a best led garage lights that will brighten your garage more than you think.

Hyperikon LED Garage Lights – Best Less Consumption LED Lights

Hyperikon LED is one of the most popular and best selling LED garage lights in the US. There is no need of frustrated installation, just need your few minutes to upgrade from dark to brighten garage.Best Garage Lighting Ideas

Hyperikon LED is mercury free lights and their is no flickering and buzzing recorded. Just 38 watts of electricity needed, using Hyperikon also decrease your garage electricity bills.

You don’t have worry for their installation, it is one of the best garage LED light for your home or professional garage. There are many alternatives in the market but Hyperikon plug and play option is beast and win the race of one of the best garage LED light.

Buying Reasons

  • Lumens : 4000
  • Lifespan : 45000
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Watts: 38

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Luceco 3600 LED Garage Lighting – Best Affordable LED Lights For Garage

If you need same performance LED light for your garage like Hyperikon but in low price, better to buy Luceco 3600 LED garage lighting. But they are not linked like other alternative.Best Garage Lighting Ideas

There is no housing protection on Luceco LED lights, that’s the big advantage. But they are lighter and easier to install than Hyperikon LED lights.

They are not linked together, so you need a different power source for every light and that’s the big disadvantage.

Luceco comes with increible 5 years warranty and one of the best LED garage lights in an affordable price.

Buying Reasons

  • Lumen : 3600
  • Lifespan : 40,000
  • Warranty : 5 years
  • Watts: 36

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Sunco Lighting LED Shop Lights – Best LED For Garages & Shops

Sunco is on the best selling and popular brand in lighting circle mostly in the US. They created one of the best LEDs for garage and shops but you can also use whenever you need.Best Garage Lighting Ideas

If you actually a value of money LED lights then Sunco is the best choice for your garage. They are also linked with “Daisy Chain” and easy installation.

Better to buy this LED light in bulk and decorate your whole garage like a charm.

Mechanics need performance, durability and price in LED lights and Sunco have all the things with ease.

Buying Reasons

  • Lumen : 4,100
  • Lifespan : 41,000
  • Warranty : 5 years
  • Watts: 40

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Prime Lights T8 LED High Bay Lights – Best LED Garage Light With Highest Lumens

Prime Lights is another brand that works in lighting industry from years and manufactured lot of reputable products in the US market. T8 LED is UL listed and DLC approved.Best Garage Lighting Ideas

It is one of the best lighting idea for garage because they produce large amount of lumens/Watt. They are also less expensive as compare to other similar performance LEDs.

T8 LED is highly energy efficient and one of the best LED for garages.

Buying Reasons

  • Lumen : 11,400
  • Lifespan : 50,000
  • Warranty : 5 years
  • Watts: 88

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Hyperikon LED High Bay Light Fixture – Best Brighten LED Lights For Garage

If you need brightest LED lights then hyperikon LED High Bay is best choice for you. It can produce around 130 lumens, and extremely bright.Best Garage Lighting Ideas

From now onwards your nuts and bolts will not misplaced. It is also have motion sensor technology, that actually works from 80 feet away.

The light will dim about 10% after 30 seconds of inactivity and after that it will shut off completely. This feature is little tricky, if you don’t like then disable it.

This is one of the best LED lights for small garages and also used with large garages too.

One of the brightest LED garage light with value of money.

Buying Reasons

  • Lumen : 28,000
  • Lifespan : 45,000
  • Warranty : 5 years
  • Watts: 220
  • Motion Sensor
  • Many power options

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Best Garage Lighting Buying Guide

When you got all the things that is necessary for car maintenance but you forget about the most mandatory thing and that is light. You don’t have time to use all the lights in your garage and find the best one.

That’s here I researched all the internet and find the best one for you.

All of the lights that I mentioned above are easy to install and most of the them are popular in the whole US. Better to use with home garages and professional garages.

Make you garage brighter by using best garage lighting LEDs.

Brightness of LED Lights

Most of the bright lights are not better in performance. You don’t always need a highest brighten light of 8000 Lumens because its brightness will affect your eyes and make your work less efficient.

Brightness and Lumens are directly proportional, the higher the lumen the brighter the light. Just higher lumens LED is not the needed thing, there are many things you have to consider before buying best lighting solution for your garage.

You need to know some maths before finding best LED garage lights. There are two things you have to know about Lux and Footcandle.

For your information – 1 Lux is equal to 1 Lumen per square meter. Footcandle is similar thing but in which they use square feet instead of square meter.

For little deeper information, better to go with this post. 

Bulb Housing & Dimensions

First you have to know the size of your garage before buying any types of LEDs. Most of the LEDs is about 50 inches.

You need 4-5 lights around the car, one of them should be on tool chest and others should be on a workbench.

Some expensive lights have housing protection that reflect the light to the downwards and also help to protect the LED lights.

There are many LED lights without housing are available but you should buying with housing for extra protection.

Lifespan and Energy Efficiency

Lifespan is very important when you’re going to buy LED lights for your garage. Because garage work takes time and LED light with 10,000 hours lifespan will pay you off for the long time.

Above mentioned LED lights are at least 40,000 hours lifespan that is incredible, that’s why I called them a best lighting LEDs for your garage.

LEDs are energy efficient because they consume 60% less than other fluorescent lights. Its look little but it will save your bunch of money in one year.

Color Temperature

Kelvin is a standard that is actually used to explain the color of the light or the color of the bulb. These have some ratings like 4000k or 5000K, if you’re using HID conversions kits then you should familiar with that.

If we talk about the most common color range so it would be like from 1000k to 10,000k or in between.

Mostly garages need natural lights then their color range should be something like 4000k to 7000k or in between.

This picture is taken from :

How To Install Garage Lights

Garage lighting is little heavy than normal lights because of its housing normally. You need to know about the weight before installing the LEDs by your ownself. Better to buy lightweight garage lights because they are easier to install.

Above mentioned garage lights are more efficient and less weight than their competitors.

There are many light are available in the market that is linkable means all of them are link together and getting power with one source.

If you need to buy lights from different brands with different level of brightness then its also an efficient deal.

You also have a choice of pull chains feature, for those who don’t need a power source.

All of the things are dependent on garage owner preference, you should ask with yourself before buying best garage lighting LEDs.

Garage Temperature

As I wrote before that LEDs lights do not use any of the gas to brighten then it will remain unaffected by temperature, otherwise fluorescent bulbs brighten with mercury vapour gas that can make some issues.

Don’t use fluorescent lights in cold climates states, otherwise use heater for your garage to warm those lights.

There is no need to worry when you’re using LED lights because they are unaffected with any temperatures changes. 

Benefits of LEDs Garage Lights Over Fluorescent Lights

Most of the garage owners use fluorescent light in their garage because they don’t know about the LEDs or if they know about so then they would definitely don’t know about their advantages.

  1. Better in lighting and Brightness
  2. LED lights are pointable to one direction
  3. LED lights use their energy to produce lights and not heated, means they are not wasting their energy on heating.
  4. LED lights have longest lifespan
  5. No use of mercury or any gas for lighting.

These benefits are enough to force your for the upgradation from fluorescent lights to LED garage lights.

Best Garage Lighting Ideas – Conclusion

If you want to make your work easier on workspace then make yourself ready to buy for LEDs garage lights and make your work effortless.

There are many brands of LEDs are available in the market but here we want to choose some specific LEDs that works great in garage area.

If you’re using fluorescent lights then it’s a time to upgrade yourself and got all the benefits that I mentioned before.

Every LED light comes with warranty, that’s actually a value of money and will surely benefits your for a long time.

If you are still using the older fluorescent technology, you could even save money by upgrading to the latest LED garage lights, which is another reason to upgrade.

Its you garage and you have a choice to select from linkable or unlinkable LEDs, otherwise pull chains LEDs choice are also available.

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