Best Jack Stands (Review & Buying Guide) 2018

You can use floor jack with your car but by using jack stands your vehicle can lift in a stable manner and you’re going to work underneath the car without any life risk.

According to my recommendation and internet research, ESCO 10498 is one of the best jack stand for your vehicle. It can lift from 13-21 inches with proper stability.

If we use jack stand properly then it will be a more safe option than any other spare wheel or car ramps. Safety is very important when you’re working underneath your car for some purpose.

Best Car Jack Stands 2018

NameHeight RangeWeight CapacityPrice
ESCO 1049813 to 21 Inch3 TonCheck Price
Sunex 141028.1 to 46.5 Inch10 TonCheck Price
Hein-Werner HW9350312 1/8 to 19 Inch3 TonCheck Price
Torin Big Red15 3/8 to 23 13/16 Inch2, 3 & 6 TonCheck Price
OTC 178012 to 20 Inch22 TonCheck Price

If you’re buying jacks stands for your car then it should be in pairs because we have to hold the car from both of the axle sides.

Both jack stands should have from same brand and even same model because we don’t want any disability.

The price of jack stand is increase when the weight capacity is increasing. Both of the things are directly proportional. Better to hold some extra money if you want to stand a big heavy duty vehicle.

There are many brands that creates jack stands with different sizes and design. It’s difficult to figure out the best.

But after spending hours on internet I found some interesting thing about jack stands to show you.

Here I am explaining why I featured these jack stands here and called them as a list of best jack stands.

1. Best 3 Legs Jack Stand – ESCO 10498 Jack Stand

ESCO 10498 works great with heavy duty vehicles and adjust almost around from 13 to 22 inches. Both of stands have rubber pad on the forehead for the jacking point.Best 3 Legs Jack Stand

ESCO 10498 is a power coated material, so there is no chance of corrosion.

You have to buy ESCO jack stand separately, they are also selling a pack of 4 for complete lifting.

They are little expensive as compare to other alternative but its quality force me to placed it on first position in my best jack stands list.

There is no slipping of jack stand from jacking point because they have circular base pads that increase their stability.

Easily carry around 3 tons of weight, you can obviously use it with heavy duty vehicles.

Its 3 leg construction is better in stability according to research as compare to 4 leg alternatives.

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2. Best Adjustable Jack Stand – Sunex 1410 10-Ton Jack Stands

If you don’t satisfy after getting a room underneath the car of 22 inches, then now here is a Sunex 1410 comes with more extra high jack stand.Best Adjustable Jack Stand

It can list around 10 tons of vehicles with low, medium and high height ranges. The highest range of adjust is around 46.5 inches.

Sunex 1410 is the best jack stand in adjustability, stands from 28.1 and end up on 46.5 inches. After using Sunex now you have a bigger room underneath the car, and you can easily maintain the gear box too.

Like my previous statement, if you want highest weight rating then it might be expensive. Sunex is expensive but totally a value of money jack stand for heavy duty vehicles.

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3. Best Stable Jack Stand – Hein-Werner HW93503

If you enthousant of buying a US brand tools then Hein-Werner HW93503 is just a better choice for you. It is also highly adjustable but not like Sunex.Best Stable Jack Stand

It can adjust from 12.8 to 19 inches when car is on the stand using multi position ratchet bar.

Hein-Werner HW93503 is excellent in stability because its stand is curved in shape. A more wider base around 7.5 X 9 inches.

It can lift around 3 tons of weight capacity. It is expensive than other alternative but its stability have no alternative whatsoever.

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4. Best Jack Stand For The Money – Torin Big Red Steel Jack Stands

Torin is highly reputable brand in the field of creating automotive mechanics tools. They are selling Torin in pairs with 6 tons weight capacity.Best Jack Stand For The Money

Torin also have double locking system that increase the safety of jack stand like none of others.

It has also a better role in adjustability, almost raise around 15-3/2 to 23-13/16 inches. It can stuck where you placed because Torin is blessed with large foot base.

You also got 1 year warranty of this jack stand, there is no need of warranty actually because Torin have a reputable name in the market.

They are selling in pairs that made them more affordable than any other alternative.

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5. Best Jack Stands For Trucks & SUVs – OTC 1780 Truck Jack Stands

If you need a jack stand for heavy duty vehicles like trucks or SUVs then use OTC 1780 Truck Stand because it can lift around 22 tons of weight capacity. Because life is all about risk when you’re laying underneath your truck.Best Jack Stands For Trucks & SUVs

Better to use recommended weight capacity to protect your life from any future harm . Like OTC is recommended for trucks and heavy weight vehicles and meet all US standards for lifting equipments.

OTC is also have an ability to adjust. It can adjusted around 3 inches to 20 inches and better in stability too because of its flat large support area for heavy loads.

If you have a heavy duty vehicle or truck, better to use OTC 1780 Jack Stand because it is recommended and one of the best jack stand for trucks and SUV’s.

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Best Jack Stands Buying Guide

Don’t just rely on trolly jack because they are not quiet safe while you’re working underneath the vehicle. Trolly jacks have tires and if they sudden move then all the weight of the vehicle will fall on you.

Better to use a proper recommended jack stand with your vehicle and don’t risk your life just for the sake of little bucks.

Nowadays companies create most advanced featured jack stands that have adjustability and lift too high for given you a better room underneath.

Better to use pair of jack stands with your car for better stability and balance. In this buying guide, I will explain you all the that you should know before buying any new pair of jack stand.

Types of Stands For Height Adjustability

Here I am talking about the types of jacks stands. In which includes ratcheting mechanism, pin type system and static stand.

Ratcheting mechanics is best to use when you need small tweak in the height.

Pin type is one of the safest jack stand. They locked by using a steel pin, insert a pin when you got your ideal height for your vehicle. It’s a time taking process to get the needed height.

Static stands is very simple and cheap jack stands. Better to use when you want to lift car for long time, mostly used where big room underneath is not needed.

Construction and Design

The jack stands is totally dependent on budget and weight capacity. Most of the jack stands made up of steel but the expensive ones are made by aluminium to less their weight and also aluminium is corrosion resistant.

When you lift a car on the stand then not always material matters but their welds also in a good direction to keep it strengthful and reliable.

Keep remember always buy good welds steel jack stands that doesn’t crack or bend when you lift a car on them.

Better to buy more legs jack stands when you’re going to use it with heavy duty vehicles. Most of the wide bases jack stands are good in stability but they also fil more space underneath the car.

Most of the top rated jack stand brands created 3 legs jack stands for better stability and reliability.

Weight Capacity

Every brands of jack stands offer different size of weight capacity, it’s better to follow their recommended weight to prevent yourself from any harm.

Like some of jacks stands recommends 3 tons of weight capacity or some offers 22 tons. Their is a big difference between both of them.

Don’t think that companies tell the weight capacity of one single stand, it’s not like that. Brands always tell the recommended weight capacity of pairs.

Always use highest weight capacity jack stands when you’re going to use it with heavy duty trucks and SUVs.

Adjustable Heights

If you want to adjust the height of the jack stands most frequently, then companies also made highly adjustable jack stands for your need.

You can lift from 10 to 50 inches as per your need.

Adjustable heights will increase the space of your room underneath the car because of highest raise.

Mostly highest raise jack stands are expensive. If you need better to raise your car then go with the car ramps of if you have a big garage to lift your car then buy car lifts for lifting purposes.

How to use Jack Stands?

Here I’m guiding you to use the jack stand in a better way.

Like if you’re using pair of jack stand to lift your car (Better to use in pair for equal life height) then they should be from same brand and model. Level their height in the same manner for equal raise of car from both of the sides.

After getting a same height jack stands now use trolly jack to lift your car and placed the jack stands on jacking point. Read the manual to find that specific place when you don’t found.

After placing all the jack stands better is to push your car from the top or give them a little jerk for better placing confirmation. Better to use wheel chocks for choking purposes.


In this guide, I am writing about best floor stands that helps your car to lift up and assist you to work underneath. Just using a trolly jack is not worth it and your life is on the risk.

Better to use decent jack stands for better stability and safety and easily work underneath the car.

Don’t put more weight than recommended weight capacity because it might be harmful for you.

Don’t just see the material before buying but also check about the weld strength and goodness.

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