Best Garage Tool Chests (Review & Buying Guide) 2018

Garage tool chest is also called garage cabinet and a must have thing in any professional mechanic shop. Now you can organize your tool by using best tool chest for your garage.

By using tool cabinet you whole bunch of tools will organize and your time won’t waste in finding the specific needy tool.

According to my recommendation and research, Wen 77401 Chest and Cabinet Combo with space of around 17695 cubic inches are the best choice for your garage.

Now your any tool will not be lost and if it is misplaced then you easily know about the mystery because of its blank space. Your all hectic work turn in to efficient by using best tool chest for you garage.

Best Tool Chest For Your Garage 2018

WEN 7704140 x 43 x 46 Inches2Check Price
Viper Tool VXXL86UBBL86.3 x 30 x 66.3 Inches2Check Price
Seville Classics Roller28 x 24 x 34.5 Inches0Check Price
Excel TB2105X26 x 16 x 12 inches1Check Price
Craftsman 323 x 14 x 11 inches 0Check Price

Garage tool chest comes in many sizes, weight and manufactured in many sizes. By using tool chest you can organize your normal garage into professional garage.

You can do your maintenance work in an efficient way by using garage tool chest.

If you’re buying low quality cabinets then its possible that it will break when you’re putting some solid and heavy duty tool. Better to check the quality before buying.

Because tool chest is not a things that you could buy every month or year. Its little expensive that buy once or twice in a lifetime.

You should buy after heavy research.

It doesn’t mean that you have to buy only expensive tool chest, just remember every affordable thing is not cheap in quality. Here I’m recommending you some bes tool chest for your garage.

1. WEN 77041 Tool Chest and Cabinet

If you’re professional mechanic or trying to be professional then WEN 77041 is just an ideal cabinet for your. It has almost 24 drawers that holds 100 LBS each, each drawer have self locking ball bearing slides.

WEN storage is about 17,695, height is something 41 inches and width is 41.5 inches. WEN is an ideal tool chest for you, if you have too many tools to organize.

WEN is made up of high quality steel, and look incredible in grey and silver color combination. It’s also have lock for cabinets to protect your expensive tools.

If you’re working in a garage on a sharing basis or your friend is trying to use your expensive tool without taking permission then its high quality locks works great to overcome this problem.

If we combines all the features then WEN 77041 is a best tool chest for your professional garage.

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2. Viper VXXL86UBBL Ultimate Tool Box

Viper VXXL86UBBL is an ultimate tool box for everyone who have big budget to organize their garage. Mostly its used by professional mechanics because it is highly expensive.

Viper have 22 drawers and 86 inches wide. One of the biggest tool chest for your professional garage.

If you have biggest garage or home garage then viper is an ideal choice for your because of its extraordinary size.

Don’t buy if you have some mechanic tools because viper have 22 draws and each drawer can hold almost 250 pounds of weight.

Viper have its own two vertical board drawers, lid compartments with gas struts and center draw too. You also got life time warranty after buying this incredible tool chest for your garage.

Its rolling wheels is too much high in quality, you can easily move around 1473 pound of cabinet. If you’re professional and want to buy some extra quality ultimate tool chest then Viper VXXL86UBBL is an ideal choice for you.

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3. Seville Classics Roller Tool Cabinet

If you need stainless steel construction cabines then Seville Classics is a better choice for you.

It is little heavy of about 110 pounds but its two inch wide wheels give you better replacement then most of the lightweight tool chests.

Seville is 34.5 inches tall and got a width of about 29 inches. It doesn’t have too many drawers but provide a large 10 inch drawer for drills and bulky mechanic tools.

If you want to build this from parts to cabinets then you have to reads its manual because its complex to structure.

If you have a really need a high quality tool chest in less price then Seville Classics Roller Tool Cabinet is a best choice for you.

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4. Excel TB2105X Steel Top Chest

If you need static tool chest with 50 LBS of weight then Excel TB2105X is the best for your need.

It doesn’t have rolling tires but if you really want to move your cabinets then it have two side handle for quick move.

You can placed almost 50 LBS of weight in each 5 sliding drawers.

You can store plenty of tools, its powder coated structure is scratch proof and looks great in your home garage.

You can slide draws without any efforts even after placing 50 LBS of tools weight.

If you need a static tool chest with medium sized then Excel TB2105x is the best choice for your garage.

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5. Craftsman Portable Tool Chest

If you need a portable tool chest that you could store in your garage and when you need to move then it will be with you, no doubt Craftsman portable tool chest is the most ideal choice for you.

Its a portable tool chest and occupy a little space in your garage. It contains three drawers with easy sliding and only open when above lid is open. Excellent solution to stop tools from falling.

Its too light weight tool chest, just around 19.4 LBS, which is fairly light as compare to its competitors.

If you have to travel and want your tool kit with you then Craftsman portable is a best efficient choice for you.

One of the best portable tool chest with lightweight facility and more cheaper as compare to other alternatives.

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Best Garage Tool Chest & Cabinet Buying Guide

If you want to invest your income in buying high quality tool chest, then you’re an intellectual person Why? If we think for a long term then from now onwards you don’t lose your expensive tool ever because they are garage tool cabinet

Tool cabinet is a thing that you just bought once or twice times in whole career. Better to choose a product with quality.

If you think tool chest is expensive then it means you don’t have expensive mechanic tools to save.

Because most of the expensive tool are lost and we don’t have an any idea who stole it, better is to keep your tool safe.

Don’t waste your precious time on finding a lost tool, better to buy a too chest and organize your tool in an efficient manner.

Here I’m telling you about some really important factors that you should consider before buying any tool chest for your professional or home garage.

Size of Tool Chest

There are many sizes are available in the market. But you have to know about two things. The first things is that you really need a portable tool cabinet or how many tools you want to store.

If you have too many tool to store then large tool chest is a better choice for you.

If you’re travelling around but your kit should be with you then buy some recommended portable tool chest for better efficiency.

First count your tools then going to buy tool chest, because it’s unethical to store some tools in tool chest and others are waiting outside.

There are many tools you are going to save like impact wrenches, air tools and other necessary tools.

Loading Capacity Weight

There are many tool cabinet available with different drawers weight capacity. If you’re placing more than recommended then after some time your drawers will not be able to lift even the recommendable portable tool chest

Like if you’re taking an example of giant hammers and drills, they are quite heavy.

Better to place tools in the tool set according to the weight recommendations.

Static or Rolling

If I talk about some ages back then tool chest is around too heavy to replace from place to another.

You need a team to do that simple task. In new era we can easily replace and move heavy weight tool chest without getting any help from the seconds person.

Because nowadays heavy tool chest of about 2000 LBS have rolling wheels underneath.

Better to place tool chest near to your working area, because it will boost your work and create more efficiency.

Best Tool Chest For You Garage – Conclusion

I recommend you to buy quality product every time, no matter what its cheap or expensive but quality is a mandatory thing. Better to buy quality product at once, tool chest is not a things that you buy every month or year.

Not to buy a tool chest without knowing about your needs, Like if you’re traveller and move your tool kit with you then you should buy portable tool chest.

If you’re a professional mechanic and just working at your workshop then better to buy static or roller ones tool chest.

If you have larger budget, and you have to place many tools at save place then buy Viper VXXL86UBBL because it’s an ultimate choice for your garage.

Without doing any research don’t buy tool cabinet because it is expensive and if your tool are waiting outside of your tool chest then its very unethical and unprofessional.

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